Eco Island & Garden At The FEZ Berlin

Experience, observe and relax in nature. Learn about and be fascinated by environmental processes by watching and experimenting. All of this is possible in the Eco Island's "Green Classroom", featuring a mini rainforest, an eco garden and summer house, a house for succulent plants, a beehive, a clay oven and various flower beds.

The beehive is particularly special, with its viewing box and information boards, which give you an intimate view of how a hive works and and what the job of a beekeeper entails.

Projects & Workshops

The project-style learning activities offered by the FEZ's Eco Island all follow a theme of sustainable development and are suitable for all youth groups, school classes and nurseries. Each event or activity will be carefully tailored to the age of the children.

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Visitor Activities

Anybody is welcome to come and visit the Eco Island during afternoons and weekends, where they can learn more about the environment or simply relax far away from the stresses of the city.

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Information For Visitors

  • The Eco Island will be closed on all weekends between 21st October 2017 and 23rd March 2018.
  • Activites for schools and children's birthday parties can still be booked all year round.
  • During the autumn holidays and advent, there will be activities in the foyer.
  • The Eco Island and its associated activities will all be available agan from Easter 2018.
  • Our beekeeper and the beehive will be available to visit on Saturdays from 21st March 2018.

    We hope you have a pleasant time visiting the FEZ Berlin and have a lot of fun.

The FEZ calendar gives you an overview of all the family activites that are going on at the FEZ Berlin during our themed weekends.