Mini Rainforest

Mini Rainforest

The Green Classroom Educational Activities on the Eco Island

The Green Classroom Educational Activities on the Eco Island

Experience, observe and relax in nature. Learn about and be fascinated by environmental processes by watching and experimenting. All of this is possible in the Eco Island's "Green Classroom", featuring a mini rainforest, an eco garden and summer house, a house for succulent plants, a beehive, a clay oven and various flower beds.

The beehive is particularly special, with its viewing box and information boards, which give you an intimate view of how a hive works and and what the job of a beekeeper entails.

Please continue to consider your health and the health of those around you. We recommend wearing a mask.

Projects & Workshops

The project-style learning activities offered by the FEZ's Eco Island all follow a theme of sustainable development and are suitable for all youth groups, school classes and nurseries.

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A Reason To Celebrate

Our very own Eco Island here at the FEZ has been granted official status as a project of the United Nations Decade On Biodiversity. The award recognises the exemplary commitment to the protection of plant and animal species as well as the promotion of biodiversity. State Secretary Sigrid Klebba presented the award at a school event on 22nd September 2021.

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Eco Island & Garden

The Eco Island is so much more. Featuring a mini rainforest, a greenhouse for succulent plants, an eco garden with cabin, a clay oven, a beehive and a range of show flower beds.

Discoveries On The Eco Island

The FEZ's Eco Island, an idyllic green place of learning where visitors can discover nature on weekday afternoons and on weekends.
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About Us

On our green oasis in the city, you'll find a tropical greenhouse and eco garden. The greenhouse is home to a variety of succulent plants, a mini rainforest with pond and a multifunctional project room.

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