Learning For Sustainable Development

The Eco Island
Experience and observe nature, learn from it and experiment to discover how various processes are linked together. All of this is provided by the Eco Island's "Green Classroom", featuring a mini rainforest with pond, a house for succulent plants, an eco garden, a clay oven and various flower beds. The beehive is particularly special, with its viewing box and information boards, which give you an intimate view into how a hive works and what the job of a beekeeper entails.

The Green Classroom
In The Green Classroom, you can experience at first hand a variety of natural cycles and examine the relationship between humans and their environment. We offer project days tailored to specific age groups, in which children can carry out experiments to learn more about their local environment and the importance of sustainability.

The contents of each project day can be agreed upon in advance although weather conditions may prevent some activities. 


Target Groups:

Preschool, primary schools and secondary schools (including sixth form classes and working groups)

Recommended for the following subjects:

> General Studies > Social Studies > Science > Geography > Biology > Ethics > Politics > Global Learning


Tues-Thurs | 10am–1pm on project days (except December and holidays)
Wed–Thurs | 2pm–4pm - open to all (except November to April)

Booking deadline: 3 weeks before project day. School collaborations must be booked 6 months in advance.


No more than one class, for school collaborations the maximum is 60 per day.



€3 subject to content and activities



Eva Kulla, e.kulla@fez-berlin.de, Tel: 030/53071-447

Nachhaltige Entwicklung, Lernen in globalen Zusammenhängen - Gesundheitsbildung



Recommended for Primary school , 1.-4. Klasse

Please note:

Group events should be booked in advance. Unless otherwise specified, bookings should be made to reservierung(at)fez-berlin.de or by phone on +49(0) 30 53071 333.