Long Day of Nature in the City

On 26th May 2019 the FEZ will take part in the Long Day of Nature in the City, in association with the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin (Berlin Conservation Trust). We extend a warm invitation to children and families to discover some of the interesting things on our Eco Island.

Prior registration is required and can be made via www.langertagderstadtnatur.de or the telephone hotline 030-26394-141.
Please note: the telephone hotline will only be open from 29th April.

Our Programme for Young & Old:

Sun 26th May 2019, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Hidden Kingdom

Visit the FEZ bees

Together with the Köpenick Beekeeping Club (Köpenicker Imkerverein) we invite you to take a fascinating glance into the life of the Wuhlheide's honey bees. Thanks to the viewing windows, you can see into the various bee houses and observe just how hard the colonies work. Can you spot the queen among the diligent drones? We'll also be harvesting honey and procuring beeswax. If you feel like lending a hand, then we'll be glad of the help. You may also prefer to stand back and wait until the honey is ready for tasting and, if you enjoy the taste, perhaps buying a jar or two from the beekeepers. We're looking forward to showing you how important bees are to this city and the environment in general.

Led by: Hendrik Stampe, Kriemhild Stephan
For: Children aged 6+, families, adults
Provided by: Imkerverein Berlin-Köpenick
Safety note: Please ensure clothing covers arms and legs
Starting location: Participants will be collected from the main entrance to the FEZ building (
Köpenick, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin).


Sun 26th May 2019, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Discover the Fragrant Aromas of Indonesia

Interactive workshop for families

All sense will be on high alert has participants set off on a journey that explores the herbs and spices of Indonesia. You'll get a fascinating look at the country of a thousand islands and the people who live there. In particular the tropical island of Bali will be in special focus.
In the FEZ Mini Rainforest, we'll use all of our senses to discover plants and spices that had high value in the middle ages. We'll look into their origins, their cultivation and their uses. To finish everybody will get a herbal tea mixture of their choosing to prepare and taste.

Led by: Ni Ketut Warsini
For: Children aged 6+, families
Provided by: FEZ Berlin
Starting location: Participants will be collected from the main entrance to the FEZ building (Köpenick, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin).


Sun 26th May 2019, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

From Grain to Bread and from Fish to Tomato

Interactive workshop for families

Bread is an essential component of diets throughout the whole world. It's healthy and contains important nutrients and fibres. What tyes of grain do you know? How are grains cultivated and processed?
In this workshop, participants will travel with the ingredients from their initial growth to freshly baked bread. After discovering more about the harvesting process, everyone will create their own bread product, with a variety of herbs from the FEZ garden if they so wish.
Plump and juicy tomatoes and huge fish. What is the connection there? The answer is tomato fish. Pardon? What are tomato fish? While the bread is baking in the clay ovens, our participants will head off to the Mini Rainforest on our Eco Island. There, they'll discover our so-called aquaponics system which demonstrates how we could sustainably produce food in the future.

Led by: Eva Kulla
For: Children aged 6+, families
Starting Location: Entrance to Eco Island, Köpenick, FEZ-Berlin, Straße zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin
Registration required!

Tickets and price information:

Tickets for the Long Day of Nature in the City can be purchased online via the website Long Day of Nature in the City. In addition, there are around 70 locatons in Berlin that will also be selling tickets.

It is also possible to reserve places for events and activities where prior registration is required (not possible on the mobile website).

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