Welcome To The Eco Island And FEZ Garden

The FEZ Berlin, Germany's biggest children's, youth and family centre, offers experiences and activities on its Eco Island that appeal to all the senses and bring you closer to nature. Here you will find greenhouses full of tropical flowers and succulent plants, a mini rainforest complete with pond and a multifunctional working room.

Visitors to the Garden will find a variety of plants, flowers and crops growing alongside each other, an area for spices and medicinal herbs, a garden pond as well as a clay oven and clay pavilion.

New Developments

Recent additions include flowerbeds to mesmorise your senses of smell and touch, an insect hotel, a raised flowerbed and buildings with a green roof. A good example of the benefits of being environmentally friendly is provided by the Eco Summer House where solar panels heat water and power the building through techniques such as photovoltaics.

Educational Topics for Children

The Eco Island offers activities based on the following educational topics: Natural environments (aquaponic system since May 2013), climate and rainforest, changes to the environment, renewable energy sources, examination of water-based microbes, the ground and the sky, WWF Suitcase for Survival, herbs and medicinal plants, beekeeping, nutrition, "Tomato Fish", honey bees, tropical plants, building with naturally occurring materials.

Welcoming You To The Eco Island

Eva Kulla, Education For Sustainable Development (Educational Activities)

Sabine Jahn, Manager Of The FEZ Garden

Silvia Preatzel, Area Manager

Jorinna Tessnow, Danos Koske, Ramon Pfeifer

New developments in the FEZ garden have regularly been carried out in spring, summer and autumn 2016 by volunteer organisations such as WeTek, Kubus, Goldnetz as well as many individual volunteers.