Award-Winning Project - UN Decade On Biodiversity

A Reason To Celebrate

On the 22nd September 2021, the Berlin State Secretary Sigrid Klebba presented us with the UN Decade Of Biodiversity Award for the work we do on our Eco Island.
In conjunction with the Federal Ministry For The Environment and the Federal Agency For Nature Conservation, the UN recognised the Eco Island's exemplary commitment to the protection of plant and animal species as well as the promotion of biodiversity.

As a result the green classroom that is the Eco Island is now an official project of the UN's Deacde For Biodiversity programme.
Up to 12,000 people of all ages and educational backgrounds visit us every year where they can see thriving examples of biodiversity close up. They learn about life cycles and locally grown herbs and plants. Inspiring tips about how to plan your own urban garden are also here in abundance. The Eco Island is truly both a place of learning and an oasis where you can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature in the city.

Schoolchildren in particular benefit greatly from the Eco Island. A whole programme of workshops and project days teach not just about local flora and fauna but also introduce the concepts of sustainable development and global learning and how these concepts link together with the lives we all lead.

The special combination of an eco garden with beehive, mini rainforest and an aquaponics system where diverse species of fish and plant are bred demonstrates the options for sustainable management of and sustainable consumption within our environment. All in all, this makes the Eco Island unique.

The story behind the UN Decade Of Biodiversity

The UN Decade Of Biodiversity was set up in conjunction with the Federal Ministry For The Environment and the Federal Agency For Nature Conservation with the aim of inspiring people to protect and conserve our unique biodiversity. Between 2011 and 2020, more than 1000 projects were awarded official status by the jury for their exemplary commitment and hard work to promoting biodiversity.